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Andy Seymour and The Rockits have had a professional career with years of experience. Book now with Vegas.


Andy Seymour and The Rockits are a professional, corporate party band. They have a huge reputation, all around the country, of being one of the best corporate bands in Australia.

About Andy Seymour

Andy Seymour has had a professional career which started at just 12 years old. He started out playing the drums, but discovered his singing voice a short time later. From then on, he felt more at home from the front of the stage. Blessed with a powerful vocal range, he creates a sound that suits Cool Blues, Hot Jazz, Soul and high energy ‘Rock & Roll’. Andy’s immense versatility shines in all he presents.
Ever the consummate showman, Andy is a proudly South Australian artist who has cemented his international reputation with regular performances in America – including Las Vegas.

Raised in a country town, he was born into a dynamic, Gospel music environment. With an instilled passion for music, he was intrigued with the broad & electric songs he heard coming from the single local radio station. Even as a boy, he felt akin with those who bared their soul in song. Music genre was irrelevant; they were songs from men with broken hearts. His fascination cultivated a love for the voices of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Elvis & Tony Joe White along with the great Crooners; Dean Martin, Nat King Cole & Mr. Sinatra to name just some. A born drummer, Andy began playing in energetic Gospel services. With drive & enterprise beyond his years, his professional music career started at just 12 years old. By age 15 he was backing featured acts & floorshows. A lifetime spent belting soulful Gospel music however, brought him out from behind the drums to share his talent from the front of the stage. His diverse passion for music makes him as versatile as the songs he delivers.

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With his ‘larger-than-life’, charismatic stage presence, he has the ability to transform even mediocre material into a compelling tale from the heart. He draws you in, and holds no fear of inviting you to get to know him. He doesn’t sing to the audience, he sings to you.

Blessed with a commanding vocal range, his ability to deliver a stompin’ early Blues-Roots melody or a power-house Soul classic & then soothe you with a smouldering Jazz lullaby is captivating. His love of the Performing Arts has crossed the borders of Film, Television & Music Theatre.

Andy’s film credits cover numerous small roles in Australian films that include Shine, Ebb Tide, and Harry Dare. Television credits include hosting the lifestyle show, ‘Live Eat & Listen’ on US television as a Singing Chef, an old-school Rocker ghost, ‘Buddy


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