Darren Carr


Australia’s No. 1 Ventriloquist
Winner – Most Outstanding Performer 2005
Winner Best Comedy Act – Winner Best Sight Act 2005
Specialty Performer of the Year 2002 & 2004 – Mo and ACE Awards
Nominated Five Times ACE Awards 2005

At the tender age of eight, DARREN CARR started playing with dolls and talking to himself.

Much to his parents’ relief, these peculiar traits were not the result of “too much chlorine in the gene pool’”, but Darren’s interest in the art of ventriloquism. From these early beginnings, Darren has gone on to become Australia’s Premier Ventriloquist, performing both here and abroad to wide acclaim with his “One man and a cast of several” show.

Over the past ten years, Darren has enthralled audiences of all ages worldwide at numerous corporate functions, special events, nightclubs, and theatres.

He has also created and presented specialised programs for such varied clients as: Tooheys, Wild Turkey, Westfields, Westpac Careflight, Lend Lease, Aristocrat, Darling Harbour, Cancer Council, AFL, Breville, Tattersalls, Starlight Foundation, Campbell’s Food Stores, Tandy Electronics, Mazda, Ferraro Foods, Adbrook, Dominelli Ford and Dick Smith, to name but a few.

Darren has also accepted numerous invitations to appear as a headline act at the International Ventriloquist conventions held in the USA where he has achieved hearty adulation from his peers.

Why choose Darren for your next event?
With a diverse range of characters, an almost endless supply of comedy material and some knowledge of your company or groups personnel, Darren can personalise his performance to ensure a unique and laugh-filled presentation. As a special treat, you also can witness one of your colleagues transformed into a life-sized ventriloquist dummy and watch them perform as you never thought they could.
No matter what the occasion, you can rest assured that Darren Carr and his cast of characters will deliver an appropriate, professional and thoroughly entertaining show…

For those who love to laugh

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