Peter is one of the most extremly preferred comic acts in Western Australia. He ensures his audience are captivated and enthralled through his impulsive and humorous performance. He will keep one and all in a barrel of laughs throughout the performance with his one-of-a kind brand of humour and style.

Peter Dee is most certainly multi-talented, adapting his performances to any audiences’ (big or small) needs and performance outcome.

Being a well re-nown comedian, his number one priority is to have fun day afetr day, ahich is clearly shown through each and every one of his performances and it is said to surely ‘rub off’ onto his audiences.

Peter Dee certainly makes entertaining look easy and fun and he has been credited , in his home state, and rapidly spreading his talent all over Australia.

Peter Dee is quickly making himself known thought out Australia and is in great demand.

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