Kevin Kopfstein

Originally from Scotland and now based in Adelaide, comedian and magician Kevin Kopfstein has been making audiences gasp with laughter and amazement across the globe and throughout Australia for many years.


Scottish comedian Kevin Kopfstein is back! After years performing sold-out shows at major festivals around the globe, Kevin has gone back to his conjuring roots to create a brand new show which premiered at Adelaide’s 2019 Fringe. There’s something for everyone (well, most people). Astounding trickery mixed with laughs and audience interaction, Kevin is not your everyday conjuring comedian. Sparks fly (literally) when he cuts and restores his microphone lead. The ancient Chinese linking rings? Kevin uses coat hangers. You’ll gasp, you’ll laugh, you’ll ask “Why is a grown man tearing up toilet paper?”. Don’t miss!

Lifetime Achievement Award – Scottish Comedy Awards 2017

“Extremely funny with a surreal edge” Glasgow Evening Times

“You can’t help but admire Kopfstein’s skill” The Scotsman

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