Jason Akermanis is a former Australian rules football player. He is a Brownlow Medallist and triple premiership player who played for the Brisbane Bears, Brisbane Lions and Western Bulldogs.

Between 1995 – 96, Jason was a solid contributor to the Brisbane Bears midfield (wing), with his pace and skills evident even early in his career. But, It was after the Brisbane Lions formed in 1997 that he began to shine. He bulked up significantly, and moved to the forward line. This then enabled him to make the most of his opportunities and develop a reputation as a goal sneak. Jason Akermasnis became one of the Brisbane Lions’ most talented players. His flamboyant talents and bleached-blonde hair and contrasting black beard, always made it easy to identify him on the field.

On 6 September 2006, it was reported that the Western Bulldogs were leading in the race to sign Akermanis for the 2007 season. On 15 September, Akermanis confirmed that he wanted to join the Bulldogs. It was then down to the Lions agreeing on the trade price, which they did on 9 October, when Brisbane Lions football manager Graeme Allan announced that the team had agreed to trade Akermanis to the Bulldogs. Jason played for the Bulldogs for 4 years before his well-earned retirement from AFL in 2010.

Akermanis began playing with the Glenorchy Football Club in the Tasmanian State League in 2011 as well as playing a number of one-off games at various country clubs. In 2013, he became captain-coach of the North Albury Football Club in the Ovens & Murray Football League.

He also has had a newspaper column, co-wrote a book and often appeared on The Footy Show as a panelist. But now working around Australia as an after-dinner/guest speakers at pubs, clubs and sporting events.

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