Tim Ginever was born 13 April 1966. He is a former Australian rules footballer in the South Australian National Football League (SANFL), playing for Port Adelaide.

Tim Ginever made his SANFL debut a pacy 17-year-old rover in 1983.  But very early on, sustained some seriuos injuries which made him all the more determined when he returned to the game. Later in his football career, Tim excelled as a footballer and on-field leader. Which lead him into becoming the captain for Port Adelaide Football Club from 1994 to 1997. After this he decided to retire.

Ginever got better with age and as captain, winning his club’s best and fairest award in 1994 and 1997 (his final year). His SANFL club made the Grand Final in all four of Ginever’s captaincy years.
Also winning the premiership on three of these occasions. He is known for his quick-wit and larrikin sense of humour off the field. Which lead him to becoming a football commentator for radio station Triple M. In 2005 he was appointed assistant coach of the Port Adelaide Magpies. Working under the legendary John Cahill, who was brought back as coach for one year. Ginever then took over as coach in 2006 for four seasons.

On 14 August 2009, Ginever announced his retirement from coaching at the end of 2009. This decision was mutual between Tim Ginever and the Club’s Board. Tim has since been actively involved in the ‘One PAFC’ campaign. Designed to garner support for the re-unification of the Port  Adelaide and the Port Adelaide Magpies Football Clubs.

He now works on the breakfast show of Adelaide’s 5AA radio station as a footy commentator and as the ‘Man on the street’.

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