Stan ‘The Man’ Longinidis

Stan "The Man" Longinidis is a retired Australian Heavyweight Kick-boxer. An 8 time Kick-boxing World Champion from Melbourne.

Stan "The Man"


Stan “The Man” Longinidis is a retired Australian Heavyweight Kick-boxer. An 8 time Kick-boxing World Champion from Melbourne. Longinidis is one of the few fighters to have won World titles in three different styles. Including International Rules Kickboxing, Full ContactMuay Thai, others being Fred Royers and Ernesto Hoost.

Start As You Mean To Go On

Stan began his career in 1983 by winning two amateur titles. Quickly moving on to challenge for the ‘World Light Heavyweight Title‘ in 1987, a contest ending in a draw. After which he was approached by scouts from the Jet Centre in Van NuysCalifornia. Stan wasted no time in quitting his day job as a Computer Programmer and traveled to live and train in the USA. Rapidly becoming a favourite with the local celebs and kick-boxing fans, he racked up 18 straight wins in the North American and USA Heavyweight Titles. As well as the Australian professional Heavyweight title.

In April 1990 he became the first Australian to win a World Kickboxing Title. Taking the ‘K.I.C.K Full Contact Super Heavyweight Title. Then adding two WKA World Titles to his resume in 1991. One of the titles being a record 15 second knockout of American Melvin Cole. In 1992 he defended his titles against Branko Cikatic and Grant Barker, a top 10 heavyweight at the time.

‘Stand Out’ Fights

After wins over Mitch O’Hello and Adam Watt he took on Dennis Alexio in the most eagerly anticipated superfight at the time. The fight lasted 6 seconds. Alexio was dealt his second loss in over 55 fights with a low kick from Stan that broke Alexio’s leg.

Stan continued to fight and defend his titles as well as adding two additional titles in 1993 and 1994. In 1993, Longinidis fought against Masaaki Satake for UKF World Super heavyweight title held by Satake and Longinidis lost by decision. He was also the first big name and Marché fighter, signed up by the K-1 Corporations competing in early K-1 shows.

In 1996, he became the first westerner to fight for and win a prestigious WMC World Super heavyweight Muay Thai Title. Being crowned in Thailand for this by ‘The King of Thailand’ himself – King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Stan kept fighting on despite a serious knee injury that threatened to end his career. Following this he had a complete knee reconstruction in 1997. Which seen him to fight on until 2000, when he retired after beating Peter “The Chief” Graham in Melbourne.

Post Kick-boxing Career

Stan ‘The Man’ Longinidis was awarded a lifetime achievement award recognizing his major influential impact on the early days of the sport in 2000. This same award recognized Stan as one of the most famous names and brands in the history of kick-boxing. On October 10th 2013 he became the 1st from any Martial Arts Fighting Code to be Inducted in the Australian Sports Hall Of Fame. Stan also successfully trained his younger brother, George ‘The Iron Lion’ Longinidis, for a World Title fight. He also Managed and introduced to the World his Greek little Dynamo prodigy, Mike Zambidis.

In more recent years, Stan & George Longinidis are the founders of the first (and only in the world), STM Fitness Academy. A family owned Academy that was created with a vision, inspired by real life experiences and accomplishments. With a combined 70 years of martial arts experience, they provide an abundance of priceless knowledge to individuals, schools and sporting clubs all over Victoria. He also finds time to do some guest appearances & keynote/motivational speaking all over the country to share his life stories and experiences!

Titles and Accomplishments

  • 1998 WKBF World Heavyweight champion
  • 1996 WMTC World Heavyweight champion
  • 1994 WAKO World Super Heavyweight champion
  • 1993 ISKA World Heavyweight champion (Freestyle Rules)
  • 1992 ISKA World Heavyweight champion (Oriental Rules)
  • 1992 WKA World Super Heavyweight champion
  • 1991 WKA World Junior Heavyweight champion
  • 1990 KICK World Super Heavyweight Full Contact champion
  • 1989 Intercontinental Heavyweight champion
  • 1989 United States Heavyweight champion
  • 1988 North American Heavyweight champion
  • 1988 North American Heavyweight champion
  • 1989 United States Heavyweight champion

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